Face to Face

While I am in the midst of transitioning jobs I have started to volunteer in the health center at Face to Face, which is an organization located in the Germantown section of Philadelphia. The majority of clients who spend time at Face to Face live in deep poverty. Face to Face is a unique social service agency that welcomes all people including the homeless, financially stressed, mentally ill, and recovering as well as struggling drug addicts. All are appreciated, and the lines that divide people in modern society are melted, leaving the facility a safe and receiving place for the community. Prior to spending time in the health center, I have spent time volunteering in the dining room, as well as organizing donations with my mom who has been working to grow Face to Face for years. The organization is truly incredible. Since spending more time with the clients, I have begun to appreciate what makes them “well”. Wellness is a warm meal shared with friends. The dining room is open daily, the clients sit with one another discussing the weather as well as sharing hardships they may be facing that week. The daily conversation allows them to continue to push through the constant destitutions brought on by living below the poverty line. Wellness is coming to see the nurses at the health center to have their blood pressure and glucose checked and to be reassured they are taking care of themselves. Wellness is meeting with the social worker and sorting out housing for their family. Wellness is having access to a warm shower during a cold winter day, or before an interview at a local job.   After observing the clients I begin to wonder how I can continue to bring wellness to this specific community beyond what they have created themselves. Every single person is capable and deserving of reaching a high level of wellness, even those who are struggling to keep their head above water on a daily basis.

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