Holy Whole 30

It is a month before my brother’s wedding and I decided I wanted to do something “extreme” to feel my best for the big day. I researched many cleanses, diets and exercise routines and decided whole 30 would be my goal considering the 30 day countdown began the next day. I went to whole foods and loaded up on almonds, dried fruit, vegetables, fruits, meats and RX bars. I was excited that I did not need to restrict any calories; I basically could eat anything that was approved. The truth was that my biggest fear was how I would avoid wine and prosecco for thirty days (I needed to hide under my covers between 5-7 to resist the 4$ happy hour wines outside my apartment). So the first week I acted like an over dramatic starving child. After dinner, which would usually consist of ground turkey and hot sauce (don’t knock it until you try it) I would go for a mock tail or a cup of peppermint tea. I remember needing to move my bedtime up so I wouldn’t give in to my roommates Girl Scout cookies. After a week, I was hangry..but felt like a twig, so I was motivated to continue the journey. If you ever get a chance to read Melissa Hartwig’s book (Whole 30 co-creator) you will understand that if you reach for the sugar filled snack while on this whole 30 journey you feel like even though you know she doesn’t know you, she is watching and she knows you failed. I was afraid to disappoint her the whole thirty days. Anyway, I digress… so week two rolls up and all of a sudden, I am bloated, I have a new pimple and I am a complete nightmare to my boyfriend. I ask him what he ate for lunch and he responds “Tuna melt” and I throw the remote and tell him he is anything BUT supportive. Week two is honestly a blur because it was dreadful. Week three sneaks up and I started to feel like a normal human. I had more energy than ever, I went to bed with no issues and woke up without an alarm. My jeans felt great against my waist. I had no reflux, no breakouts and my personality was back to the cute charming girl my boyfriend so very missed. Sugar and alcohol cravings subsided and I began craving whole 30 food items. By the time week four showed up, I was getting ready to fly down to Texas for the wedding. I felt confident in my outfits I was packing and could see a difference in my skin, I honestly felt like I was glowing. I have since done the whole 30 two more times and each experience is different. I have taking away so many health related revolutions and my relationship with food changed. I can say with honestly, whole 30 changed my life. I am not afraid of food anymore, and I am not depressed after I eat a cookie or a hoagie. I have learned to balance food so that when I do fall off, I am not a far fall. Everyone should challenge themselves to whole 30, the benefits are much greater than a few lost pounds.

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