Sneak in the Steps

Just get moving…

Not everyone is designed to be an Olympic swimmer (although ladies, I think we are all designed to marry them). What I am trying to say is the world keeps turning because we are all created differently and choose different career paths (some more stagnant than others).  Those of you who are confined to a desk most of the day need to keep on reading this post. I will start of by giving tips on how to sneak exercise into you and your family’s day.

Park far

When you are driving to Target, take the spot that is so far from the store that you actually have a zero percent chance of losing track of your car because it is THAT far. Making a routine to take the farthest spot from the entrance will not only be an entertaining game if you have children, but it could add in over a mile of extra steps to your week.


We are all tight after a good night sleep, or a bad night sleep to be fair. Waking up and stretching first thing in the morning can help burn a few extra calories. When we stretch our muscles, we increase the blood flow to those muscles, which in turn increase our energy. By waking up our muscles first thing in the morning, we can expect fewer aches throughout the day. Less aches equal more daily activity.  Period.

Window Shop

We have all had a Saturday where we have no plans, so we Netflix all day. Take yourself, your partner, or children and drive to either an outdoor outlet or an indoor mall and just window shop and walk around (Keep your wallets in the car if you have an addiction like I do). With a partner or child, create a game out of the mall trip such as “I spy” or people watching games.

Post Dinner Walk

Rather then reach for the ice cream container after dishes are washed, make a habit to walk every night after you eat dinner. It is a good way to clear your mind and your digestive system.

Commercial Push Up Challenge

During commercial breaks get off the couch and have a contest (with yourself counts) on who can do the most push ups during the commercial stretch.

You Tube Challenge

Google “You Tube” workout and pick one to do. You can give your children the choice to pick one and rotate through every person in the family. Pick a few days in the week that you will do this and stick with it; routine is key!

Exercise Jar

Create an exercise jar where you write down different classes or workouts and pick one out each morning. Families can write ideas such as kickball, football catch or walk in the park. This is an exciting way to get the family moving!

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