Kombucha: Tips for sipping

Two years ago I had my first sip of kombucha. The vinegar-like taste shocked my tongue and I spit out my first sip.   I dumped the rest of the bottle down the drain and moved on with my day. At that point, kombucha did not the have the shelf recognition it has today. Fast forward two years and now it would be a rarity to walk out of a gas station without spotting twenty new flavors of kombucha. Considering how popular kombucha has become over the past year, I decided it was time to give this trend a second round. I now had additional flavors to sip on as well as more appealing bottles and packaging (consumer alert: if something looks pretty…I will try it).

I changed my perception of the drink and was able to deceive my own mind. I sipped on the lemon-ginger-carrot kombucha expecting pure vinegar and was pleasantly surprised with the taste. Either the kombucha or my taste buds had come along way since my first sip. I explored different flavors, and have begun to enjoy my afternoon kombucha.

Personal tricks that worked for me in order to start drinking Kombucha:

  1. Keep the Kombucha as cold as possible until you are ready to sip (fridge or on ice if you are drinking it slowly)
  2. Pour a small amount of the Kombucha into a separate small glass and take small sips from the glass rather than the bottle.
  3. Start with a flavor you enjoy and then move towards the greens or original.
  4. Sip on an empty stomach rather than after a full meal or with food.
  5. Don’t let the bottle shake or move around an hour before drinking.
  6. Don’t force yourself to finish the bottle, start small and work your way up to a full serving.


Personal Health benefits I have noticed after drinking Kombucha:

  1. Afternoon energy with no crash. I sip on Kombucha about two hours after a light lunch. I seem to have an easier time getting over the afternoon hump.
  2. I have found the weeks I drink three or more kombucha servings I have had a more regular digestion pattern.
  3. Less sugar cravings. I am sure this is due to the fact that the cane sugar fulfills sugar cravings with the fruit flavored drinks, however now that I have moved to the original/green/beet flavors, I still have the same results.
  4. Less stomach bloating. Overall during the weeks I am sipping consistently on kombucha, I notice I am less bloated.
  5. I am eating less food overall when I incorporate kombucha in my regular diet.  

Overall, I cannot say kombucha is a life changing magic potion, but I enjoy my afternoon sipping and have noticed positive changes. Just like any other trend, I am sure this too shall pass, but for now…cheers my kombucha friends.

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