Four Aesthetic Reasons to Jade Roll

The jade roller is not a new concept, however, facial massage has become more popular here in the United States over the past several years. I ordered my first jade roller two years ago off Amazon after learning about the benefits of facial massage on a podcast. Two years later and I take it with me everywhere I go and have an extra roller in my purse at all times. The jade roller has two stones, one on each side. The larger stone is meant for rolling the cheeks, forehead, jaw and neck. The smaller stone can be used under the eyes.

  1. Decrease puffiness– The purpose of a jade roller is to promote circulation in the face and aid in lymphatic drainage (which is the puffy face offender). Using the roller, gently roll the stone and work your way upward and outward on your cheeks, forehead and jawline. Use the small stone to roll under your eyes. After you have rolled for a few minutes, roll down the sides of your face. You will be shocked at the small yet noticeable change. Who doesn’t like an instant and natural contour?
  2. Enhances the effects of your facial creams/oils– Apply your retinol, vitamin C oil or favorite moisturizer on before you begin rolling. The jade roller will help move the oil/lotion deep into your skin allowing you to receive the most benefits from your product.
  3. Closes pores– We all know minimizing pores is our facial goal. Pores are natural, normal and genetic. We cannot make them disappear, but we can minimize! Place your jade roller in the freezer for an hour and then roll your face with the cold stone. Instantly, pores are minimized and you have a great facial canvas for applying makeup.
  4. Improves redness around acne- Since the jade roller promotes circulation and decreases inflammation, it makes sense that using the roller will help stubborn acne. The more circulation and lymph drainage, the less opportunity for acne to pop up. Drinking plenty of water and washing your face daily will only improve the acne battle. (Insider tip: use vitamin c oil on acne scars and jade roll over the stubborn spots twice a day to decrease the redness left behind from healed acne)

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Lora Alicea says:

    Hi Colleen,

    Love your blog, you convinced me to purchase a jade roller!


    1. You will love it, I promise!


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