A Must Read: The 10-Day Total Body Transformation

I initially started writing my wellness blog because I wanted to have the power to reach a large number of people at once to deliver messages of health. Working in a hospital or office limits my ability to share my passion for wellness to a select number of individuals. Medical professionals are constantly updated with the latest treatment plans and evidence based research, allowing us to be constantly exposed to the latest and greatest medicinal care plan. At times, this can be overwhelming and feel concentrated. As a medical professional who worked in one of the top pediatric hospitals in the world, I craved the idea of simple health. Health and wellness is for more than just those individuals with a medical diagnosis or a chronic illness sitting in the doctor’s office. Health is just as important (in a different way) for the hospital staff and the family members who surround the patient. Flight attendants remind us on a plane to always help ourselves first in an emergency so we have oxygen to help those who cannot help themselves. The same idea goes for health. Help yourself so you can help others achieve their best state of health. Wellness can be fun and entertaining, not always serious and distressing. Take the time to make yourself healthy first and become a better role model, parent, friend and professional to those around you each day.

I recently received a book from Momosa Publishing, which I found to be very parallel to the philosophy behind my writing that I just discussed in the paragraph above. The book is called The 10-Day Total Body Transformation and is written by a female physician. Dr. Shilpi Agarwal is a witty, entertaining and charming writer who carries her readers through a medley of informative health tips, tricks and truths. She is able to strip away all the sumptuous diet trends and bring health back to basics. She covers the most important aspects to obtaining health including nutrition, sleep, supplements, exercise and mental health. Her hidden humor allows readers to connect to her as an individual who is trying to stay healthy just like the rest of us! Dr. Agarwal’s medical background enables her readers to trust her knowledge while her methods of simplifying health information allows readers to truly understand her message. She understands the importance of self-care and self-love, proving a busy woman with a demanding career is able to achieve the greatest level of personal health. The journey you take with Dr. Agarwal will be informative and make a lasting impression on your long-term goal of achieving wellness. As a medical professional (who also loves health and wellness), I was able to learn new methods of maintaining my health. She even convinced me to take several new supplements (you will have to read to find out which ones)! She proves the importance of sharing health and wellness to all people, not just patients in her office. Everyone deserves to feel well and know the truth behind achieving optimal health.

If you enjoy reading my blog, believe in the idea of simple, clean health and are looking for a light, amusing summer read, this book will not disappoint!  I look forward to taking the 10 day challenge and posting my physical, mental and emotional state so stay tuned!  You are the only person in control of your health, make the changes you need to stay willingly well.

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