Stay Well While you Move

“Good experience” and “moving” should never be in the same sentence. I spent the last two weeks finishing up and moving out of two separate apartments. My fiancé and I had to be out on the same day, which meant two moves in the same week. I thought I had prepared myself by making small trips to the dump, wrapping fragile items and cleaning out cabinets and closets weeks ahead of the move. I managed to donate clothes that I have not worn in the past year as well as give away old furniture. Despite all of my efforts, I still managed to have an eight-hour miserable experience. How does this always happen? I feel as if a dark cloud follows each and every person on the day they move. Our only reward for moving is a three-pound weight drop on the scale (which I do look forward too). My experience consisted of elevator malfunctions, an empty tank on the rented U-Haul, a surprise visit from the landlord, broken glass, expensive sunglasses lost and of course screaming arguments between my future husband and myself. Despite all of the chaos, we successfully moved and even more successfully stayed engaged to one another. I wanted to list a few tips I recommend for moving that helped make the move slightly more manageable. Stay well while you move!


  1. Storage bins- I purchased large plastic containers a few weeks before the move and packed seasonal clothes, seasonal decorations, jackets and shoes in the bins. I labeled each bin so I could find my items easily. The bins could be placed in the basement or garage storage until I need the items in a few months. I was able to start the “move out” process while at the same time, organize my things for the next apartment. The bins can be pricey, but they are a one-time purchase with multiple future uses. Now that I am in the new apartment, I am so happy to have organization with my “not everyday” items. Keeping a simple closet is very lovely.
  2. Plastic bags- I made a point to collect plastic shopping bags a few weeks before the move. If you are moving yourself and clumsy like I am, these will come in handy. I wrapped all my glass items (bowels, candles, glasses..) in a plastic bag and tied it tight. I then packed the items in a box or container. If an item broke while in the box, it was already contained in a plastic bag, which meant no clean up or trips to the emergency room! It sounds tedious, but it is a quick trick that can save you from a headache moment during your move.
  3. Take apart furniture- Take apart bedframes, tables and chairs the night before the scheduled move. Take your time, use the correct tools and save all the nails in a ziplock bag and DUCT TAPE it to the correct furniture. When you unload your furniture you will have all the items you need to put it back together. Waiting until moving day can cause major disorganization and frustrations, which we do not need!
  4. Finish the cabinet challenge- The two weeks before moving day challenge yourself to consume the food you already have in your freezers and cabinets. Mix and match items by searching for recipes that contain your items. Avoid having to travel with food the day you move. It is unnecessary and can be prevented. Hand your condiments to your favorite (or least favorite neighbor) if you do not want to throw them away. Start new in your new house, I guarantee half of your items are expired anyway!
  5. Give yourself time –Taking the day off work for a move is important, but taking the day after moving is just as important. This leaves room for error and decreases the move anxiety. Once all items are moved, start with one room at a time. Do it right the first time by placing clothes and items where they belong. Moving on a Friday is ideal, so choose wisely!      

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