Juice or Blend?

I have always been a fan of both juicing,as well as, blending my fruits and vegetables to make a convenient, wholesome drink. I want to take time to compare and contrast the health benefits of both drinks to help you understand which method works best in your life. The good news is that if you are consuming either of these healthy drinks, you are bringing wellness to yourself and your family. Experts recommend we eat at least five servings of fruits and vegetables a day in order to reduce cardiovascular disease and improve overall health. Smoothies and juices are a wonderful way to sneak in the appropriate amount of vegetable servings, snack healthy and rack up antioxidants.

Juicing can be considered an art. If you carefully choose fruits to compliment the vegetables, you have the ability to consume a high level of vitamins in a sweet tasting drink. However, be mindful of how much natural sugar is in your homemade juice. For example, it may take 3-4 apples to fill a small glass. Drinking four apples is roughly 50 grams of sugar. A great resource to help you with your ingredients when juicing is the free online juice calculator. Use the calculator to help you prepare a list of ingredients that contain low sugar. The biggest complaint we have from juicer users is cleaning the machine as well as the expense of the ingredients. Since you are only extracting juice from the fruits and vegetables, a large amount of the produce is waste. (Insider tip: save the fruit and vegetable “pulp” and use it to bake granola bars.) A blender is a bit easier to clean, compared to the juicer.   However, you are limited to the amount of ingredients in your blender because the volume is much greater when you blend compared to when you juice produce. You may have a difficult time including the recommended servings of vegetables and fruits when blending a smoothie. Juices will not be as filling as a blended smoothie due to the lack of soluble fiber. You also are able to add non produce ingredients to smoothies such as almond butter, flaxseed and yogurt to make them even more filling.

Overall, both juicing and blending are beneficial to overall health.  Limit the amount of fruit by increasing the amount of vegetables. If you are looking for a quick, easy, low volume vitamin booster, juicing is the answer. If you want to replace a meal such as breakfast or a shake to curb your appetite, blending a smoothie will be your best option. Happy wellness!

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