Finding Wellness in Hardship

These past few months have been some of the most exciting times combined with some of the most stressful times. I have been in a career transition, while at the same time, planning a wedding with my fiancé and searching for our first home. I took on a nurse practitioner role at a social service center in Germantown, Philadelphia as a transitional career move between jobs. I truly believe God places us in certain situations to help guide us, as well as, remind us of our purpose in life. Leaving my first NP job was incredibly stressful and terrifying. I am the type of person who envisions a ten-year plan and never imagines anything will change my plan. Well let me tell you, that will never be the case.

Once I settled into my new role in Germantown I began to feel at peace with my new normal. I continued to apply for jobs, had several interviews at other clinics, but had yet to find my new perfect job. I began seeing patients every week who were skeptical of me at first, but certainly warmed up to me as a provider. Lessons of patience, kindness and love have been gained in my few short months at the clinic. I meet with clients who are unsure when they will find their next meal. I see older adults with undiagnosed hypertension and diabetes who are afraid to see a doctor because they have no insurance. The best days are the days the clients are given warm pairs of clean socks. I have been able to understand the importance of living in the moment because that is the only way these clients make it through their day. They look forward to seeing the nurses in the clinic each week because the nurses have the time to listen to their stories. I have gained the ability to be patient and listen to each client, rather than diagnose in my head what I think may be wrong before they finish their story (classic provider). I have more sympathy when a client shows up late to an appointment after understanding how many buses, trains and subways it may take to make it to their doctor’s appointment. I have learned love is for more than just your close friends and family. Love can be shared with those who cross our path, even for just a few minutes.

Having this time and experience in between careers has been beneficial to my mental and emotional health and will allow me to become a more efficient healthcare provider. If you ever ask yourself “why did this happen?” or “why me?”, I challenge you to evaluate your situation in a positive light. Take the time to be present in the moment and enjoy the change, as well as, the challenge. Being positive in a time of fear can be difficult, but if you are willing to find the light in some of the dark trials, I ensure you will live more well.

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