Five Healthy Drinks While on Vacation

Vacation is a time to relax, lay back and leave all worries behind. Many people go on vacation with the plan to eat and drink with no guilt. I agree, vacation is a time to leave the scale and labels in the dark. However, ordering low sugar, low calorie drinks will help leave you free of abdominal pain at night and bikini ready in the morning. Lower calorie drinks will also give you more room to enjoy tasty food! I recently went on my honeymoon and found myself researching “low sugar drinks” all day long. I decided to make a list of drinks to share with you that became a staple for me while on vacation.

  1. Champagne with a splash of grapefruit- This drink is a good alternative to an orange juice mimosa. Grapefruit juice has less calories than orange juice and is high in vitamin C. The bitterness of the grapefruit tends to slow down the sipping and the fiber curbs appetites!


  1. Tequila, soda water, lime juice, splash of cranberry– The key to this drink is the lime juice. One or two limes is not enough, trust me! I like to think of this as a skinny margarita with a twist. Tequila is a probiotic and can aid in digestion, cleansing your colon. We all can use a good digestive aid on vacation.


  1. Fresh daiquiri with rum– When on a tropical vacation (we were just in the Bahamas) look around the hotel or resort to find fresh drinks with fresh ingredients. Strawberry daiquiris and pina coladas are usually made from a mixture full of sugar and preservatives. Find a stand where you can have fresh mangos, or papaya blended with a splash or two of rum.


  1. Mojito- Mojitos are refreshing and light, however, be aware of the amount of sugar water your bartender adds to the drink. When ordering a mojito, stick to an original mojito and request a splash of sugar water, or be brave and leave the sugar completely out!


  1. Dirty martini– Dirty martini with olives is a great alternative to a sugary cocktail. Olives are known for their anti-oxidant benefits and their ability to lower the risk of cancer. They are heart healthy and low calorie. Sip Sip!

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