IMG_5158Wellness…a word, a powerful word, used frequently to portray a variety of health related focuses. Wellness is state of being we all strive to reach at some point in our lives. The beauty of striving to find our individual “wellness” is that the designation is unique to each and every person. We may choose to move towards a lifestyle of wellness after a parent is diagnosed with diabetes or high blood pressure. A journey of wellness may start with applying anti-wrinkle cream because you are twenty-eight and spot your first “crows feet” or it may become important when hearing the first heart beat on an ultrasound of your unborn child. The initiation of meditation and self-love practices after a life event may be part of your journey towards achieving wellness. As a family nurse practitioner I have been fortunate enough to observe as well as direct thousands of patients through their emotional and physical health tribulations.   I have seen how the meaning of the word “well” extends over a variety of situations. Not only are the patients striving to be well, but so are the nurses caring for them, the doctors performing the surgeries, the clerks at the front desks, and the family members of the sickest patients in the hospital. Finding wellness is important to each and every single person on this earth, however the journey and the destination are distinctive. Join along on my ongoing medicinal journey and gain insight to today’s most talked about health and wellness trends as well as examine and consider movements to live a healthier life.

Colleen McCabe